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Verizon logoVerizon Wireless’ long-time charitable focus has been domestic violence prevention and care through its HopeLine program. The company has an award called HopeLine Heroes to honor members of the community who use their influence to bring greater awareness to prevention efforts.

Verizon Wireless has honored WYFF News 4 with the HopeLine Hero award for its recent special report, Chronicle: Living in Fear, which covered domestic violence in the Upstate of South Carolina. The award afforded WYFF a chance to designate a 501c3 nonprofit domestic violence agency to receive a $2,500 grant through HopeLine. WYFF selected Safe Harbor as its grant recipient.

“We are incredibly thankful to WYFF-4 for their partnership with Safe Harbor and their continuing commitment to raise much-needed awareness about the issue of domestic violence in our Upstate community,” said Becky Callaham, executive director for Safe Harbor. “We are honored to receive this Hopeline Hero grant, and we are deeply grateful to Verizon for their generosity and interest in this cause.”

“Nearly one in four women is affected by domestic violence during her lifetime,” said Jerry Fountain, president for Verizon Wireless in the Carolinas and Tennessee. “Verizon Wireless has been focused on prevention efforts since 2001. We offer our heartfelt thanks to WYFF for its much-needed special report, and we are proud to continue supporting the work of Safe Harbor in our community.”