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A Letter From Tiffany

A letter from Tiffany

I wish I could answer the questions in your mind.

For you I wish that I could turn back time.

I wish I could fix that man you love.

And make his heart soft and pure as a dove.

I don’t have the answers for your questions today, but tomorrow is only a day away.


So after you vent and you cry and you rest

Wake up tomorrow and give it your best

Give it your all, after all it’s your life

And remember you’re cheated , you’re cheated by his strife .

It won’t always be easy, you’re in for a fight.

When days are too long, just call it a night.

Eat something tasty, then shower, then pray. Because tomorrow is only a day away.


And thank God for life to finally be free.

To be the best woman, best woman you can be.

The best mom, the best daughter, the best friend, the best aunt.

And know that you can, when it seems that you can’t.

I wish you the best as you go through each day.

Tomorrow is only a day away.





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