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ADVOCACY ALERT: Senate Health Care Bill Would Be Devastating for Survivors of Domestic Violence

The Senate has just unveiled health care legislation that would result in the loss of access and elimination of benefits for millions of people if passed into law. Victims of domestic violence and their children would be among the most vulnerable of citizens affected by this proposed health care plan, with the potential for thousands of victims and their families to lose access to Medicaid or any affordable health coverage. In addition, the recent Kaiser analysis identifies South Carolina as one of ten states that would be in the most trouble if these cuts are signed into law. This article from the Post & Courier shares more about how South Carolina would be at greater risk than most states under the Senate’s proposed health care plan.
The National Network to End Domestic Violence and the National Alliance to End Sexual Violence are requesting that advocates for victims of domestic violence take the following steps:
1. Call and/or email your senators, voicing your opposition to this health care plan (see sample phone call/email and contact information for Senator Tim Scott and Senator Lindsey Graham below).
2. Forward this request to other local organizations or individuals who are interested in the well-being of victims and their families.


“Hello, my name is ______________________ and I’m a constituent from (City and Zip). The well-being of victims of domestic violence and their children is important to me I’m [calling/emailing] to ask the Senator to oppose the proposed Senate healthcare bill that would cause millions to lose insurance coverage, make coverage unaffordable, end Medicaid expansion, or cut billions of dollars from the Medicaid program as this bill will potentially impact thousands of survivors and their children for whom healthcare is a critical need. Thank you for your time, and I appreciate your concern for victims of domestic/sexual violence.”


Senator Lindsey Graham
Senator Tim Scott
Thank you for taking the time to share your voice to stand up for victims of domestic violence and their children!

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