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Celebrate the Season of Hope

Dear Friends,

To most of us, comfort and joy during the holiday season are just words to a traditional
song we hear on the radio. But, to victims of domestic violence and their children,
comfort and joy are replaced by isolation and fear. In the words of Beth, “I have been
controlled for so long, I have forgotten how to make my own decisions. I have learned
to disrespect myself. I have forgotten what I love.”

You can provide the gift of comfort. Beth made the courageous decision to get help
from Safe Harbor. “I woke up, and carried my broken self and broken babies to the
light of Safe Harbor. I was given love and shelter. I was fed. I lay down at night and
slept safely. I was given things that I had learned to go without—things like clothes,
soap, shampoo…love and acceptance.”

And you can provide the gift of joy. Beth “woke up to a new day. I woke up to a new
life. I began to trust. I began to trust myself. I began to stand up straight. I came alive.”

Please consider giving generously to Safe Harbor this holiday season. Your gift will
provide comfort and joy, but most importantly—the gift of hope.

Peace to you,

Becky Callaham
Executive Director

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