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Ecoplosion 2013 – Remembering Marge Putnam

by Bobby Rettew, Principal of Bobby Rettew, LLC

Marge Putnam was truly missed at Ecoplosion this year. Many people knew Marge because of her warm personality. Many knew her because of her love for Clemson. Most knew her in the Upstate of South Carolina because she loved to be around people, connecting people, and sharing her compassion for her fellow man and woman. 

This year’s Ecoplosion was held at Clemson University’s ICAR on January 24th, 2013. It was filled with high impact speakers sharing their entrepreneurial thoughts surrounding economic development and building stronger communities. 

Marge Putnam was instrumental in the planning and execution efforts for the first Ecoplosion in 2012, a sold-out event that featured great entrepreneurs, innovative Clemson graduate students, and the Governor of South Carolina. Leighton Cubbage of Serrus Capital Partners said she was instrumental in cultivating the idea of Ecoplosion. Marge believed in connecting people and loved planning events like Ecoplosion.

This year, Ecoplosion was dedicated to Marge, in her memory. You may ask why? She lost her life because of an act of domestic violence. She came home on a Friday afternoon in July of 2012 to find her husband with a gun. He shot Marge then shot himself,  killing both of them. 

There is a need. Marge lived in Oconee County, a place where there is no place for victims of domestic violence to seek shelter. From all accounts, Marge had been experiencing some sort of domestic abuse for a while. Imagine a place where people like Marge could retreat from these situations, lay their heads down on a safe bed, and start rebuilding their lives. 

Imagine this place. Can you see it? Can you picture it in your mind?

Ecoplosion is committed to building stronger communities. As Elaine Worzala shared in the video above, building stronger communities starts with building safer communities. Imagine if we the business community could surround Safe Harbor and help them build a stronger, safer community in Oconee County. A shelter for people like Marge.

Imagine this place. Let’s make it a reality!

Bobby Rettew
Ecoplosion Steering Committee
Principal of Bobby Rettew, llc

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When you give to Safe Harbor, 89.8 cents of every dollar goes directly to Safe Harbor’s prevention and intervention services to break the cycle of domestic violence in the Upstate of South Carolina. You can make a tax-deductible contribution by clicking the link below.


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