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My favorite holiday card

I just received my yearly holiday card from “Kate”, a former client from when I was a counselor in shelter. Her story is one of the most brutal and damaging I have heard in the 16 years that I’ve worked at Safe Harbor, and it has stuck with me. Kate had a gun held to her head many times, was tied up, emotionally abused and controlled. When she finally came to Safe Harbor he found her and stalked her, and caused did damage at our shelter. Getting out was dangerous, but Kate courageously made the leap into homelessness and uncertainty to begin a new life.

I look forward to the card I receive from Kate every year. She always writes a note to let me know how she is doing – milestones she’s achieved and hardships she’s faced. Life for her has gotten so much better since she first came to Safe Harbor, and I wanted to share with you her note that came in the mail today:

“Hope you are well. Once again, thanks for all you do! I will never forget all you and Safe Harbor did for me. It has now been 10 years. I was 50 and just had my 60th birthday. Bought a nice one bedroom condo. Homeless to Home Owner! It can be done. Hope my story will encourage others to never give up and always move forward. Thanks again! Merry Christmas. – Kate

When you support Safe Harbor, you are providing a space for people like Kate to launch the fresh start that they need to live lives free from fear of abuse. We cannot do this work without you.

Will you join us this holiday season in giving to Safe Harbor?

Peace to you,

Becky Callaham

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