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A former Safe Harbor shelter client named “Alex” shared this letter with us last year. Alex wrote this letter for our counselors to share with current shelter clients during support groups and individual sessions, providing words of hope and encouragement to domestic violence victims in crisis from a survivor who understands their struggle.  We are thankful to Alex for allowing us to share this letter on our blog as well, as we believe that her letter reinforces the powerful message that news anchor, Michael Cogdill, shares in this video. 

A Letter from Alex:

Dear Beautiful Women,

My name is Alex. I am 25 years old with three babies. I was in an abusive relationship more than once. The first was when I was sixteen with a boy who I thought loved me more than this world. It started with him telling me how to dress because he liked the way I looked in them. We had a beautiful baby girl named Barbara. When I was working, he would take the money I made for her and spend it. He would hit me and then apologize. That went on for a year and a half.

I met a man who was good to me. We had a son together, then broke up. Then I met a man who seemed to love both of my children and me. I became pregnant with my third child. He hit me and fought me like I was a 6’ man, then put my kids and me out of his house. I spent three months at Safe Harbor trying to get my life together, trying to figure out who I was. I didn’t know how I was going to take care of my babies by myself. The women of Safe Harbor showed me that I could make it out there. Going back to him could have been my choice, but I didn’t want to let myself, my kids, and Safe Harbor down.

My Safe Harbor counselor, Claire, is the best thing God put in my life. She is a part of my family. These wonderful souls are here for you and your children. Look at your babies and know that there is better for you. Safe Harbor is a place for a new chapter in your life. They are there for me through good and bad times. I love them and I hope you all look at yourselves the way they do – Strong women. You already won the battle by being there.  Though you may feel down and depressed, please know that you are alive and you made it. I am proud of you for being there. Take care and love yourself because someone else does.

(with Safe Harbor in my heart!)

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