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How My Mom Changes Lives

How My Mom Changes Lives

By Lauren, age 8

Our legal advocate, Rita, with her daughter, Lauren

These words were written by our Legal Advocate’s 8-year-old daughter, Lauren, about her mom’s work with us and the mission of Safe Harbor.  We could not have said it better ourselves. Thank you, Lauren!

I think my mom makes a difference every day at her job by helping women and men who are being abused and helping them get to a better and safer place from their abuser. I think Safe Harbor is a great place for people to work, because they are making a difference in somebody’s life every day. Safe Harbor made the right choice by picking my mom for her job, because she makes a difference in people’s lives and is dedicated. My mom is a great legal advocate, because she does what is right to make a difference in the victim’s life. My mom is great at her job, because she wants each victim to be safe and happy when they walk out of her office.

Safe Harbor is a great place to go when you need an Order of Protection or need to get away from an abuser, especially when you talk to my mom. She wants you to be happy and safe when you walk out of her office, because she wants to make a difference in each person’s life. Safe Harbor is a great place to go when you are being abused, because they will do their best to keep you safe and help you start a new life.

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