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I Am a Fighter


I was your first born. I was your baby. The apple of your eye. 

When it was safe, I was funny, vivacious, happy. 

When it wasn’t, I was in a battlefield. I tried to be the buffer. 

I was blasted with your words and anger aimed at my mother,

And then at me. 

I was scared 

Of you,

My father.


I was too young to try to save my mother

But I did every time you waged war on her. 

I was crumpled, I was meek, I was broken

By you,

My father. 


Today, I am none of those things. 

I am a grown woman, proud, and outspoken.

Maybe a little bit scarred, but no longer broken.

Today, I am strong, I am resilient. 

Today, I am your biggest enemy

Because I stand up to you,

Because I broke the cycle

That was continued by you,

My father.


I am Angry, I am justified, I am a fighter.

And I will fight for what I know is right.

I will fight even you,

My father.

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