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It started as a papercut by Emma Sophia

It started as a papercut


It started as a paper cut,

It Didn’t really bleed,

An unmistakable sting,

But not really even red.


I didn’t think it was my fault,

We all can make mistakes,

So I did what I was told was right

And all his blame did take


But wounds kept happening to me,

More frequently and larger;

Soon I noticed gaping holes;

And covering them was harder


Almost too late I began to notice,

The wounds were so precise,

The depth and each location chosen

Carved by a surgeons knife


But this wasn’t healing pain

The agony, beyond deep

These were destructive mortally

And my soul began to weep


See, each time the surgeon promised

He was only doing what was best

But soon my life eviserated

Lay heaped upon my chest


I began to wake up, foggy brained

And see things as they were

And then realized with great horror

His diagnosis was a lure


I wasn’t gravely, tragically ill,

he was the one who was dying

He wanted my life to replace his

And I must die in his trying


The only cure was up to me

I had to leave his death

The poison he was infected with

Would rob my very last breath


The wounds are there in many places

I will always have these scars

But I am slowly healing the hurts

And hanging my own stars


Emma Sophia


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