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July Volunteer Spotlight

July Volunteer Spotlight

Meet Katherine, our spotlight volunteer for the month of July! Katherine has two brothers and is the oldest of the 3. She attends GREEN Charter School and is a rising 5th grader. Katherine loves volunteering and has a strong desire to help those in need in her community.

One of Katherine’s greatest joys is helping at her church. She has volunteered as a caregiver for children younger than her while parents attend service, and as part of a regular daddy-daughter activity, she volunteers at the local soup kitchen in Greenville.

Katherine turned 10 years old last month and her birthday wish was to take some of her own savings (plus money she received from friends and relatives) and give this back to her community. She looked at a couple local organizations and Safe Harbor’s mission immediately caught her attention.

Katherine’s father played an especially helpful role by printing out pages from the Safe Harbor  website so that Katherine could learn more about the programs and services offered, and how others can get involved. Katherine’s father said that his daughter was so excited to share with the rest of the family that she wanted to give to Safe Harbor and all that they stand for!

Not only did Katherine choose to generously give her birthday money and savings to Safe Harbor, but she also has visited her neighbors and told them about her choice of donating to Safe Harbor. By doing this, Katherine has helped raise awareness about Safe Harbor, break the silence around domestic violence, and has invited her neighbors to get involved by encouraging them to donate items from the Safe Harbor wish-list. Katherine kept a record of who donated what so that she would be sure to thank neighbors for their kindness later.

Katherine is proof that volunteers can make a difference at any age. We thank her for being an inspiration, a light for others, and supporting the work that we do!

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