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The Lie: “He was charming, loving and a hard worker.”


The Lie

“He was charming, loving and a hard worker.”

The Truth

“He only acted this way when he was clean and sober and those days became fewer and further between.”

Honestly, I’ve never had a healthy relationship.  I was abused as a child which destroyed my core value  belief system about myself.

It was December, 2012 I made the decision to marry my boyfriend. Not too long after  we were married, alcohol and drugs took over and I rationalized the abuse with the fact that, when clean and sober, he was charming, loving and a hard worker. But, those  days became fewer and farther between.

I became clinically depressed and suicidal. One day, I confided in my daughter who  introduced to the term narcissist and sociopath. I started researching, found a support  group online. The support group and the  survivors there gave me the courage to seek shelter. I made an escape plan,  called Safe Harbor and was told to come in. I escaped the very next day while he was at work and was  accepted into their loving arms where i worked 2 jobs, saved my money, went through their HAP  program and got my own home. Without this organization, I may not even be alive today!!

Thank you, Safe Harbor. I AM A SURVIVOR!!

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