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Many Thanks to Foothills Community Church

Safe Harbor wants to extend a special thanks to Foothills Community Church in Seneca for choosing Safe Harbor to be part of their 2011 “Project Reach” initiative!  In one short weekend, this a group of 20 volunteers from the church were able to complete an incredible amount of improvement projects at our Safe Harbor shelter in Anderson, including:

– Extending the shelter playground area with a new, larger fence

– Repairing existing playground equipment and providing a new swingset and handmade picnic tables

– refinishing our back deck/walkway

– completing general lawn maintenance – weeding, pruning, mulching, etc.

– creating a new garden plot

We are deeply grateful to Foothills Community Church for the generosity, time, and talents that they have shared with Safe Harbor through their “Project Reach” efforts.  Thank you for making a difference in the lives of the those whom we serve each day!

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  1. I found your blog via Google….searching…
    I was impressed by your site and offerings.
    I was looking at some of the articles and it really impressed me.
    All I can say is congratulations on creating this site and what took you so long?
    I look forward to returning.

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