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Moving Beyond Trauma to I Am

Moving Beyond Trauma to I AM   by SAL


Trauma and abuse set a trap me … to hold me captive, recast my identity, and sidetrack my purpose. My victim life felt like inescapable bondage with walls closing in to suffocate me. Thankfully, freedom and safety are building a brand new perspective.


The day I realized I didn’t know who I was, what I liked or wanted, my quest toward wholeness and peace began. Slowly, reality dawned that my mistakes justify the trauma. My weaknesses didn’t deserve the abuse. In time, a No More position took over my core.


The restoration process takes time, commitment, courage, patience, support, and a whole lot of other stuff. Early on, fear claimed I didn’t have enough of anything, that I was chained forever. But Jesus painted a different picture. He showed me I was merely a target for other people’s hidden motives. He beckoned me to move out of range, into His protective embrace.


His words to love my neighbor the way I love myself are life-changing. My days begin with His plan for my exercise, my breakfast, and my to do list, at my pace. Then He guides me in ways to care for others. When I come into a new environment, He leads me to to make sure it’s safe for me so I can follow Holy Spirit with confidence.


I AM a strong and gifted woman with wisdom and personality, skills and abilities, quirks and humor.


I AM a masterpiece, created in Christ Jesus with a purpose.


I AM called to freely give as I have freely received.


I AM cherished not for anything I do, but simply because I AM.


I AM celebrated as a member of the family of the Most High God.


Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free. John 8:32

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