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Progress on Pepsi Refresh grant continues but YOUR help is still needed!

Supporters—great progress has been made in Safe Harbor’s joint effort with a Clemson PR class to win a Pepsi Refresh Grant.   After starting the race ranked #206, our project moved up to #87 in less than one week! Currently our project is ranked #92 and needs to be in the top ten in order to win this $25,000 grant. This is a crucial time for voting—in the middle of the month many other projects will experience lulls in voting after a strong start, so we would greatly appreciate your help in continuing to vote daily and spreading the word about this amazing grant opportunity. The following is a word from a few of our Clemson friends who have been working diligently to promote the project on their campus:

Our personal networks are buzzing with messages about Safe Harbor and links to vote for this project. We have emailed multiple organizations on campus, posted the link to Facebook and Twitter, written blog entries, and encouraged our friends and family to vote daily. Professors and students have responded positively to our efforts and are engaging their networks to vote for Safe Harbor as well. Please continue your hard work in promoting this project—as a community we can make this happen! In addition to voting daily at, you can also text 103648 to 73774. This is an easy, quick way to cast your vote frequently and no additional fees apply. We are having a lot of fun investing our time and effort into this project, and we’re excited to work with you to help revive Safe Harbor’s shelters!

Keep up the good work,
Laura Davis, Emily White, and Hannah Ross
On behalf of COMM 456, a Clemson PR class

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