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“Safe Harbor Steve”

Our Donation Coordinator, Steve Randolph, shares why he works with Safe Harbor and the importance of positive male role models in the movement to end domestic violence.

My name is Steven Randolph, and I am the Donation Coordinator for Safe Harbor. This position gets me involved with all three shelters and many of the events that we have throughout the year. I am able to get out into the community to meet those who generously donate furniture to us and explain what Safe Harbor is about and some of the services we offer. Many of our donors wonder where their donation will end up and are surprised and excited to learn that 90% of the furniture donated is given directly to our clients and their children who are moving out of the shelter (with the other 10% going to our Resale Shop to raise funds for our mission). Most of the families moving from our shelters into new homes have little or nothing when they leave. I am proud that we can help to furnish a new home for them. There’s nothing like the look on the face of a child when you bring in their very own bed that they get to sleep in that night.

I feel that it is important for the families in our shelters to see a man working for this organization. I try my best to show that there are good men who want to be a part of the solution. I think it is important for survivors to understand that I am there to help as well. It gives them a chance to see the positive side of manhood instead of the many negative male stigmas associated with domestic violence.

When I first started with Safe Harbor, I was given a uniform Safe Harbor shirt to wear on the job. I laughed, because when I saw the name on the shirt, it said “Safe Harbor” with “Steve” directly underneath our logo. It sounded like the name of some kind of super hero – “Safe Harbor Steve”. Little did I know at the time how many times I would feel like a super hero when walking alongside the families we serve. They say when you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life. I am proud to be a part of Safe Harbor and the work we do. Safe Harbor is a life-saving service for so many.
My name is Steve Randolph, but you can call me “Safe Harbor Steve”.

If you have furniture donations to share with Safe Harbor, please call me to schedule a pick-up time – 864.385.7946.


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