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What’s Your #1Thing?

What’s your #1Thing?

Domestic violence affects 1 in 4 women, 1 in 7 men, and millions of children every year. 67% of youth never discuss this issue with anyone. What’s more, domestic violence and the power and control that make abuse work is entirely preventable.

Ending domestic violence requires the collective voice and power of individuals, families, institutions and systems – each who add value to transforming our community and world for the better.

National Domestic Violence Awareness Month (#DVAM) occurs every October. While there is an urgency to raise awareness about domestic violence 365 days a year, we believe that one statement can make a really BIG difference. One simple act – #1thing –  can change a feeling, someone’s day, and someone’s life. Our collective “#1things” can lead to the social transformation we all desire to see.

Now through the end of October, we’re asking for input from the community at large (that’s you!) that sheds light on our common humanity and the everyday words, acts, feelings, thoughts, and beliefs that make a difference in the lives of survivors, open up much needed conversation, and influence a culture where all people feel safe and valued in their relationships. There is power in your #1Thing.

Your #1Thing could be entirely unique and your own, or it could be…

#1Thing you want to share about your story

As a survivor, #1Thing you need advocates to know

#1Thing that has inspired you to work to end domestic violence

#1Thing you want your children to know about (love, race, justice, safety, privilege, equity…)

As a community leader, #1Thing you want to share about your community

#1Thing you need funders to know

#1Thing that impacts your healing and resilience the most

#1Thing you wish policy makers knew about domestic violence and its impact on communities

#1Thing your family could do to support your healing

Your story can be the #1Thing that is a catalyst to help, inspire, and motivate others to end domestic violence. What #1Thing will you do to make a difference?

Speak it loud and proud and share it with us so that we can encourage others to embrace their #1Thing and together advocate for a world free of violence and abuse. Email your #1Thing submission to Safe Harbor Outreach Coordinator, Margaret Evans at 


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