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Why Loebsack & Brownlee, PLLC Wears Purple

Why Loebsack & Brownlee, PLLC Wears Purple

When Safe Harbor took us up on our offer to ‘Ask Us Why’, the folks at the #LBAgainstDV Campaign smiled. Now we get to explain ourselves – “Why?” you ask?

  • Because throughout the United States, 1 in 3 women and 1 in 4 men have experienced some form of domestic violence.
  • Because South Carolina is #6 in the nation for the number of women who are killed by their intimate partners.
  • Because it is demoralizing and life-arresting to be paralyzed from the fear domestic violence creates.
  • Because it’s disheartening and depressing to feel stuck living in a bad relationship or marriage because the ever-present threat of domestic violence makes the choice to leave seem impossible.
  • Because it is heart-rending and gut-wrenching to receive the phone call with news that a loved one had their life taken in a domestic violence incident.
  • Because it is scarring for a child to plead for their loved one’s safety, as they are an observer to, and victim of, the abuser’s violence.
  • Because it is overwhelming to be a first responder at a domestic violence crime scene, knowing your help may not prevent the offender getting away with what they have done to another human being.
  • Because it is an emotional roller coaster to be an observer wanting to help as you watch families simply struggle to survive and cope, let alone overcome, as their domestic violence-induced scars reach greater depths than one could ever imagine.
  • Because domestic violence does not discriminate between rich or poor, or based on gender, age, relationship status, ethnicity, cultural background, or even on political or religious views.
  • Because domestic violence takes its victims’ lives hostage and breaks the victims down, each in their own way, slowly stripping all of them of their dignity and then their hope.
  • Because without all of us standing together, raising our voices to spread awareness, and offering resources to provide for and protect those in harm’s way, domestic violence will continue to impact more people than any of us wishes to believe.

That is our WHY.

Those in the Loebsack & Brownlee, PLLC family have been in close proximity to situations just like these. According to statistics, every team member of our Firm either has personally encountered a domestic violence situation or knows/knew someone who has been a victim.

We hope that our campaign will encourage people to stand up and speak out, to seek refuge and resources, and to help their friends, colleagues and family members in the crosshairs of domestic violence.

For this year’s campaign, we have chosen to lend our voices, efforts and funds to our friends and partners at Safe Harbor, because of their grand mission in an area we love to call ‘Home’, but also because of their current and tremendous need for a new shelter to help them, help others.

As many as 600 people are sheltered each year at Safe Harbor. We hope you will join us in raising awareness and much-needed funds, so that Safe Harbor can increase that number until all those who need their help will have a space to receive it.

We all have a why, what is yours?

Support Safe Harbor

When you give to Safe Harbor, 89.8 cents of every dollar goes directly to Safe Harbor’s prevention and intervention services to break the cycle of domestic violence in the Upstate of South Carolina. You can make a tax-deductible contribution by clicking the link below.


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24-Hour Crisis Line: 1.800.291.2139
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