A heathcare professional may be the first person in a victim’s life to recognize warning signs of abuse and to refer the victim to lifesaving resources. It is essential for healthcare professionals to understand the dynamics and warning signs of domestic violence in working with patients. If you are a physician, nurse, therapist, social worker or any other type of healthcare professional, please take a few minutes to view this video, and review the additional resources below to learn more about working with patients who are experiencing domestic violence. If you have questions about Safe Harbor and our services, or if you need our brochures and materials to share in your healthcare facility, please contact us at 1.800.291.2139 or at info@safeharborsc.org.

Full Video (20 minutes)

Short Video (10 minutes)

Further Resources for Healthcare Professionals:

Futures Without Violence: Improving the Health Care Response to Domestic Violence
The Duke Endowment: Equipping Hospitals to Care for Domestic Violence Victims
Domestic Violence and Health Care – http://www.powerandcontrolfilm.com/the-topics/medical/
National Institute of Justice – Documenting Domestic Violence: How Health Care Providers Can Help Victims