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At Safe Harbor, we realize how difficult and frightening it can be to seek help if you are experiencing abuse or control in a relationship. Our goal is to walk alongside you in your journey and to empower you to take steps and make choices that work best for you and your family, never to coerce you to make decisions that may not work for you. All of our services are completely free of charge and confidential. We will be here for you whenever you are ready to contact us.

Are you wondering if your relationship is abusive? Click here to learn more.

Our 24/7 help line number is 1.800.291.2139, option 1 –  You can call us 24/7 to talk to someone directly over the phone to determine what the safest and best plan is for you right now. If you are seeking our services (shelter, counseling, assistance with securing an Order of Protection), we will complete a brief intake questionnaire with you over the phone and share some safety tips.

Safe Harbor serves survivors of domestic violence in Greenville, Anderson, Pickens and Oconee Counties in South Carolina.  Our services include safe shelter, case management, counseling, transitional housing, advocacy and support. All of our services are free of charge and completely confidential. Below you’ll find some explanations of our main direct services:

Safe Harbor has three emergency shelters in Greenville, Anderson and Oconee Counties. Our shelter services are for victims of abuse and their children who need a safe and confidential place to go in order to stay safe from their abusive partner and to determine goals and next steps for gaining safety, independence and hope.  All of our shelter clients have the opportunity to receive case management, advocacy, counseling, living skills classes and group support. Our goal is to empower our clients to make the best decisions possible for themselves to grow into an independent, healthy living situation.

To seek shelter, please call 1.800.291.2139 and press “1” to speak with someone on our crisis line.

Our advocacy and counseling services for survivors of domestic violence include safety planning, case management, advocacy, domestic violence education, emotional support and referrals to other needed community resources.  We offer both individual and group counseling opportunities. Safe Harbor’s counseling program is different from private or mental health counseling in that all of our counselors are specialists in the issue of domestic violence and how it impacts all aspects of an individual’s life. Even if you are receiving other counseling services, a person experiencing abuse may benefit from Safe Harbor’s counseling and advocacy services. We have counseling locations in Greenville, Anderson, Pickens and Oconee Counties, as well as on-site individual and group counseling in our shelters.

To seek counseling at Safe Harbor, please call 1.800.291.2139 and press “1” to speak with someone on our crisis line.

In Greenville County, we assist survivors of domestic violence who want to obtain an Order of Protection to stay safe from an abusive spouse or partner. An Order of Protection is a criminal restraining order that sets boundaries with one’s abusive partner.  We assist survivors with completing the necessary paperwork for the Order of Protection and provide an attorney to represent our clients in family court. We do not provide legal representation outside of Order of Protection assistance, but we can provide survivors with referrals to local Legal Services.

For assistance with obtaining an Order of Protection, please call 1.800.291.2139 and press “1” to speak with someone on our crisis line.

• Call 911 if you are in danger and need help.

•Arrange a signal with a neighbor, friend or family.  Example: if the porch light is on/flashing, your neighbor should call the police.  Or if you call your friend or family and lay the phone down, they know to call the police.

• Plan the safest time to get away.  Examples: when your abuser is at work, with friends, or on a trip.

• Stay in rooms that have exits as you do not want to be trapped in a room where there is no escape.

• Stay away from kitchens and bathrooms.  Kitchens have too many potential weapons, and bathrooms have too many edges and hard surfaces that a fall could cause serious injury.

• If you leave the home and are staying with a friend/family, vary your routes to and from work, daycare, church, etc.  This way, your abuser cannot follow you.  Also, have the homeowner put your abuser on a No Trespass Order with local Police.

• Try not to leave without your children.  Plan with your children and identify a safe place for them; a room with a lock or a neighbor’s house where they can go for help.  Reassure them their job is to stay safe, not to protect you.

• If you are injured, go to the hospital emergency room or doctor and report what happened to you, ask that they document your visit.  Also keep any evidence of a physical abuse (ripped clothes, photos of bruises and injuries, etc.) in a safe place.

• Let your job, friends/family, daycare know what is going on and ask that they be on alert around your partner.

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When you give to Safe Harbor, 89.8 cents of every dollar goes directly to Safe Harbor’s prevention and intervention services to break the cycle of domestic violence in the Upstate of South Carolina. You can make a tax-deductible contribution by clicking the link below.


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