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Survivors are so much more than the trauma they have endured. Learn about the unique strengths, gifts and resilience of individuals who have experienced domestic abuse through the words and artwork shown on this page in response to the question:

“What words describe who you are beyond the trauma you have experienced?”

We invite survivors of domestic violence to share their answers to this question through written words, poetry, artwork, music or memes. Through this “I Am” campaign, we hope to highlight the unique identities, strengths, and resilience of survivors.

If you have a submission you would like to share, you can:

Submissions will only be shared publicly with your permission and may be shared anonymously.
  • Click here to upload a PDF or Word document
  • You can type your story here.
  • Tell us how you'd like to help influence a culture where every person feels safe and valued in their relationships. Check all that apply to you.

“I Am”

Read, listen and view these powerful ‘I Am’ contributions.

Moving Beyond Trauma to I Am
Moving Beyond Trauma to I AM   by SAL   Trauma and abuse set a trap me … to hold me
Read more.
I Am Beverly Nicole
Brave Encouraging Valiant Empowering Radiant Loving Youthful   Noble Intuitive Couraging Outgoing Lively Eclectic
Read more.
“I Am Free…”
by Bethany Echeverria No more clouds No more storms No more doubts I am free No more fears No more
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